General characteristics of Android browsers with focus on security and privacy features

  • Petar Čisar
  • Sanja Maravic Cisar Subotica Tech-College of Applied Sciences
  • Igor Fürstner
Keywords: Android browser, security, adblock, tracking, encryption, benchmark test


Satisfactory level of security in the use of the Internet in mobile devices depends on several factors. One of them is safe browsing. A key factor in providing secure browsing is the application of a browser with the appropriate methods applied: clearing cookies, cache and history, ability of incognito browsing, using of whitelists and encryptions and others. This paper presents an overview of the various security and privacy features used in the most frequently used Android browsers. Also, in the case of several browsers and types of mobile devices, the use of benchmark tests is shown. Bearing in mind the differences, when choosing a browser, special attention should be paid to the applied security and privacy features.


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