Cryptography and cryptographic packages in Python


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Cryprography, Symmetric key, Asymmetric key, Python, Machine learning


Nowadays,  we usually mean that the information we receive/ send digitally is secure and that only those to whom we in- tended it and the person sending it have access. Cryptography deals with the ques- tions of how, why and by what methods data of any type flows. Algebra, combina- torics and probability are the mathematical branches on which data encryption and de- cryption are based. All information passes through the protocol under some key - sym- metric or asymmetric. Each of them has its own methods, which in turn have advantages or disadvantages, and are still used today, al- though they are constantly being developed and improved. Such an information exchange system is important for security. although at- tacks (or their types) have been detected and classified over time, constant caution against new "hacker" methods and variations is al- ways necessary. Recently, the Python pro- gramming language has been widely used, for example in databases, where it is extremely important that data remains anonymous or circulates securely. In this regard, many pack- ages have been developed that have facili- tated their encryption and are regularly up- dated. As artificial intelligence and machine learning develop in parallel, models are pro- duced that facilitate tracking and analysis without constant human monitoring, and one such example is the placement of products by a company from a foreign user to a user, based on some of his data.


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