Marketing using artificial neural networks


  • Anja Stijepović University of Donja Gorica


artificial neural networks, marketing, data sets, churn


Due to the emergence of numerous digital innovations, many business sectors are being reshaped at an astonishing pace. One of the technologies that is increasingly affecting every aspect of our lives is artificial intelligence. In this paper, we examine the impact of artificial intelligence in the context of marketing. The main application of artificial neural networks is in the field of predictive analytics, therefore these networks provide effective tools for predicting consumer behavior as well as for evaluating success of marketing campaigns. In order not to be overshadowed by their competition, companies and organizations must adopt new, fast and accurate methods of artificial intelligence when analyzing their customer data. The deep learning model analysed in this paper is a prediction of the outflow of customers (churn) from a telecommunications company. Discovering the reasons for churn is very important in making future marketing decisions of a company. The accuracy of the resulting customer classification model could be increased by training on a balanced set of customer data.



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