Fuzzy Logic - Based control for autonomous vehicles in urban environments


  • Enisa Trubljanin .


Autonomous Vehicle, Fuzzy Logic, Obstacle detection


Abstract. Fuzzy logic is a mathematical approach used to model uncertainty in decision-making processes. Fuzzy logic has been widely applied in fields where uncertainties are encountered, such as automatic control, artificial intelligence, shape recognition system, robotics and other fields. Autonomous vehicles are vehicles that are able to move and function without the direct control of the driver. This paper shows how fuzzy logic makes decisions, what are the advantages and disadvantages of such a driving system in urban areas, the results of fuzzy logic "inference" and how fuzzy logic makes decisions instead of humans on the basis of forwarded information from the environment, and specifically the focus is on making decisions about speed and registering obstacles. These results are quite good, but it turns out that they still cannot completely replace humans, especially when it comes to some ethical issues.


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